A personal note …

We hope you don’t mind us approaching you like this but it is for a very good cause.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of supporting or being directly involved in various fantastic fundraising events, which have made a real difference in many people’s lives in our region.

There is one event in particular that has really hit a chord with us over the last few years, since we first became aware of the facts behind its cause – and we have been avid supporters ever since.

We are confident you will be too by the end of this email.

Thank you for reading…

Alex and the Red Shoe Events Team

Join award-winning comedian Jason Cook and a whole host of his friends for this unique night of music, comedy and entertainment.

Organised in partnership with Metro Radio and Cash for Kids, this charity event is billed as the “happiest comedy show in the North East” as entry is simply £5 and a new and unwrapped Christmas toy which we’ll give to a disadvantaged local child!

Every year 40,000 children in the North East will not have a Christmas Present on Christmas Day.

The charity Cash4Kids collects presents and distributes them to help these poor youngsters who aren’t having a great time of things to at least have something to open on Christmas Morning.

So for the last two year Jason & Co ran a gig at the Tyne Theatre called “LAFFS4KIDS”.


The idea is simple: to put on a gig where the price of entry was a gift for a child. You could actually go out and buy the presents yourself and help make someone’s life a little bit better.

On both occasions, it has been a massive success selling out hundreds of tickets in a matter of days and raising several thousands of pounds to help the charity. They also collected OVER 11 THOUSAND presents over the two years, for local children.

It has been so good, that they are doing it again next year, and it will be even bigger! Tickets have already gone on sale due to unprecedented demand!

On Tuesday 12th December, they will take over the City Hall once more and put on a hell of a comedy gig (for adults) to collect as many presents for kids as possible.

It’s £5 to reserve your seat and then the price of admission is a gift (or two! or three! or four! see if you can beat last year’s record of 21!!!) for a child, unwrapped, that we can give them this Christmas day.

The atmosphere is amazing and this truly is “the happiest comedy gig on the planet”.

RED SHOE EVENTS are a supporter and promoter of LAFFS4KIDS but we we are not selling tickets for this event.

Please note: tickets for this event are only available via the Theatre Royal official website.  

Strictly 16+ only.



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