Join us for a free Noveltea tasting – a groundbreaking new drink that brings together two of the things that us Brits like the most: alcohol and tea! 🙂

No need to book – just pop in on the day!

What’s NOVELTEA?NOVELTEA-shop-setup-crates

Well, if you ask us, we think that’s a genius invention, born from the minds of two Germans from Cologne. The pair have combined two of the things British people love the most – tea and alcohol – to create a new and original alcohol infused drink that is bound to conquer the world (or so we think!)

They are coming to the Land of Green Ginger to promote their product and to show us how it’s done. They will be there at hand to talk about the history of Noveltea, the idea behind it, all the secrets and the tips on how to serve it the best way to maximise the flavours and have the best tasting experience.

There are two blends of noveltea: “The Tale of Earl Grey” an infusion of earl grey tea with British gin and hand-selected botanicals and “The Tale of Tangier” which infuses Moroccan green mint tea and Caribbean rum.


If you like the idea and would like to make a night out of it, join us for the TASTE * SENSE * FEEL event on the 8th of March! An evening dedicated to the enjoyment of drinks, food, live music and good company!


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