The Antico experience is based on the simple principle of ‘Good food, Good Wine, Good times!’ It’s the italian way of eating and it is something that should not be rushed.

We wholeheartedly agree and believe that food should be savoured in an unhurried environment, where you can relax with your friends, family, or partner and eat your meal the way it should be eaten – slowly and with an appreciation for the extra effort we put into making every dish special. So much so, we created an event completely and utterly dedicated to such an experience!

We had been talking about the first Supper Club at Antico for long enough and now the day has come and gone, but not without leaving us with fond memories and eager to plan more regular events of this type.

FullSizeRender (9)

We just had a ball!

Well, we worked while our guests had a ball really, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.
As hosts and caterers, there is nothing more satisfyFullSizeRender (5)ing than watching people devouring your food while enjoying a jolly good time with family and friends.

The food was part of the entertainment. We specifically designed the event with this in mind. The Antico Head Chef Virginio had put together a special menu that was simply finger-licking good! (see menu details below)

During the meal, the ultra mega talented Andy Usher delighted everyone with his musical skills – how a guy so young looking can be soooooo amazingly talented is just beyond us, yet so he was! FullSizeRender (8)
And even more impressive was the fact that he managed to produce the  sound of a full band with only a guitar, a pedal and a mic…. You really had  to be there to appreciate it in full. All we can say is – if you ever see Andy  Usher advertised anywhere … make the effort to go and see him, as you  won’t be disappointed. We shall definitely have him back as soon as  possible.


Last but not least, Matt Reed took to the stage (introduced by Jason Isaacs himself who was in the audience for once!) and had us all in stitches in no time. Who does not like to end an evening with a big grin on their face?!?

Matt is a regular at The Stand Comedy Club on High Bridge, so fear not, you will have plenty of opportunities to catch him in action there,  while we try and pin him down for another date in his extremely busy schedule!

What can we say?

This was one occasion that truly, fully, completely expressed our ethos of GOOD FOOD – GOOD WINE – GOOD TIMES!

If you want to make sure you do not miss out neFullSizeRender (6)xt time, register your interest here and you will be the first to know about all of our future events.

And to you all who joined us on the night, thank you for coming and we truly hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!




– Velluata di Fagioli: Cannellini bean veloute with rosemary, served with homemade crostini.

– Crespolini della Casa: A savoury pancake filled with diced salami and fresh ricotta cheese and baked in the oven.

A butternut squash risotto served with goats cheese and topped with crispy pancetta.

– Bruschetta ai Peperoni: A twist on a very traditional dish, served with grilled mixed peppers and a balsamic reduction.


– Pollo al Prosciutto e Mascarpone: Chicken stuffed with Italian prosciutto, mascarpone cheese and rosemary, served in a creamy sauce.

– Spigola alle ErbeBaked herb crusted sea bass fillets served with a lightly spicy tomato salsa.

– Cervo ai MirtilliPan fried venison with blueberries and shallots in a red wine sauce.

– La Parmigiana: Layers of grilled aubergines, tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.