So… you are single… so what?

Some people seem to think it’s a plague, others a status to be aspired to.

The reality is that we all want to meet that special person, but that does not necessarily mean we are desperate to… For some of us is harder than others, due to work and life commitments and busy schedules.  At times, what’s harder is that EVERYONE else seems to be settling down and as much as you love your happily coupled friends, you do not always want to play ‘the odd one out’.

Well…. with all that in mind, and the hideousness that we attribute to speed dating, we have created a new concept for all those single people out there, who do not want to sit at home feeling sorry for themselves, on the contrary, are happy to meet new people in a fun way! Queue… the Single & Laughing concept title.

What is it you ask? It’s a fun night where you can meet nice interesting people with no pressure. That’s the key. Yes, all the people in the room will be single. But this is not your typical singles events. First of all, numbers will be even as we have a rule that every guest has to turn up with a single friend of the opposite sex. That’s really all you have to do… we do the rest.

You’ll be sat on large tables with a group of people but you will have your friend with you as comfort blanket. It also means you can talk each other up to potential suitors (wink wink). We will have some fun introductory games to break the ice and to kick start the talking! In true RED SHOE style there will be some delicious food followed by a spot of comedy. What better way to get an evening going that with some heart warming, belly aching, genuine laughter?! By then… we’ll all be ready to hit the dance floor! The rest really is up to fate…. or you!

The first Single & Laughing event is taking place at As You Like It on Thursday 2nd July. Tickets are only £20 and include your supper! Click here to buy your tickets or here if you have any questions.

Whatever you do… keep laughing! It’s healthy!