In the beginning….

Every story starts with an encounter. Well, this one started with many, which have seen Alex getting somehow involved in organizing more and more events varied in nature and size over the years, before realising that maybe fate was trying to tell her something. Events Design & Managements is about organization, attention to detail, industry knowledge, contacts but mainly a true and genuine desire to give people a great experience to cherish and talk about! This is when it became clear to Alex that her involvement needed to develop into a proper concept – which is what is now known as RED SHOE EVENTS.

Behind the RED SHOE concept

The reason behind the name is fairly simple…. Put on a pair of red shoes and you’re instantly ready to party! And this is exactly what we do – party. And we mean this in the most literal of ways. The dictionary definition of a party is “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking and entertainment”. We create, design and manage events which involve eating delicious food, drinking quality wine or sipping freshly mixed cocktails while enjoying first class entertainment in the company of like-minded people – all in elegant surroundings. There are no strangers at our events – just friends you have yet to meet!

And if you have a special occasion to celebrate, a birthday perhaps, anniversary, engagement or even a wedding, we can offer as much or as little help as you need with our full range of event management services. In a nutshell, we bring our expertise to your party and take away the stress and hassle of planning an event, so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the day – or night – when it finally comes!

Alex Morris

aka @alexfromeden
My father taught me that one of the most important things in life is ‘to do what you love and love what you do’ when it comes to work. Well… I have certainly been living by this motto! I started my career in the retail industry. At the age of 22, I opened my own little enterprise as a high-end fashion boutique… read more 

Sara Antonacci

aka @zaroskie
My life mantra is to try anything I like – one may ask how would you know if you like it if you don’t try it? Well, I let fate and my gut guide me – which is pretty much the way I find myself involved in Red Shoe Events. It was an extremely random and fortuitous encounter … read more