For the second time the SupperClub on Tour  will take place at Antico in Jesmond. Here below another delicious example of Italian cusine wrapped up in just one Menu, that reflects these summery vibes and flavours to perfection!
All the key flavours are in: aubergines, peppers, zucchini,  and even summer fruits like strawberries and lemons… It’s all fresh, seasonal, and super tasty!
We hope it will tickle your palates! Enjoy!
Calamari ripieni
Tender baby squids filled with a crumbly mixture of herbs and squid
Bruschettone di melanzane
Rustic homemade grilled Italian bread, seasoned with roasted aubergines and melted mozzarella
Peperoni ripieni
Bell peppers filled with premium savoury minced meat and grated parmesan cheese.
Tagliatelle al pesto di rucola 
Homemade tagliatelle pasta in a rocket pesto sauce with tiger prawns and scallops and a fresh tomatoes concassé.
Salsicce e friarielli
Neapolitan rustic sausages with crispy rosemary and roasted potatoes and traditional ‘friarelli’, a green vegetable from the cicory family.
Millefoglie di zucchine
Mille-feuille of layered grilled courgettes and buffalo mozzarella served with a fresh tomato concassé
Tiramisu’ alle fragole
a twist on tradition, fresh strawberries tiramisu’ with a mascarpone based creamy mixture
Sorbetto al limone 
lemon sorbet served with a shot of limoncello
Torta Caprese
Traditional Italian chocolate and almond cake named after the beautiful island of Capri