1. Any act can enter as long as they write and perform their own material. It can be a solo artist or a large group playing any kind of music from the list enclosed in the application form.

2. Entry Process:
a. To enter simply fill in the form that can be found at this link.
b. Every entry is allocated to the selected location picked by the entrée.
c. The judging panel will select 5 finalist per location – with exception of Newcastle where we have 3 locations.

3. Semi-finals:
a. Each semi-finalist will be asked perform 4/5 original songs and 1 cover of their choosing (25 minutes set max).
b. The winning act will be selected on a points basis. Each judge on the panel will be giving a score of a value between 1 and 10.
c. Every ticket holder attending the event will also be given the chance to vote for their favourite act – each vote will have a value of 1 point.
d. The act with the highest total will be the winner of the heat they have played in.

4. Finalists selection:
a. Every winner of each semi-final heat will be entered into a leaderboard with their score.
b. The five acts with the highest scores will be given a place in the final that will take place at Bonbar.

5. BLIVE Final at Bonbar
a. The winning act will be selected on a points basis given from both the judging panel and the ticket holders attending the event.
b. The act with the highest total will be the BLIVECHALLENGE2016 Winner and will be entitled to the prize.


  • A spot at Lindisfarne Festival
  • A day at Loft Studios, to record a song of your choosing
  • A Professional Photoshoot with Darren Irwin
  • An Interview with Living North
  • A video of the studio session edited to create a backdrop to your professionally mixed song by Plainsight Consultancy
  • A new professionally designed logo, stationery and website by Plainsight Consultancy
  • A mini tour across the venues that have taken place in the competition plus £1000 cash, expenses, sponsored by Bonbar & Red Shoe Events