Santa's grotto Tynemouth Green Ginger Shopping Arcade

Santa’s Grotto

Experience the magic of Christmas by visiting Santa’s Grotto at Green Ginger!

Bring your children to visit our festive Santa’s Grotto meet Santa Clause himself!

Don’t miss your chance to meet Santa Clause at his festive Grotto located with the Green Ginger Shopping Arcade!

This year, during his usual travels in the months preceding Christmas, Santa has decided to stop by in Tynemouth to see with his own eyes who’s been good and who’s been naughty.

Make sure to have your wish lists ready too!

Santa's Grotto Christmas Tree Tynemouth 2017 Green Ginger

How it will work:

Each child will have a 10 minute slot with Santa in his festive Grotto. The ticket price also includes a Christmas goodie bag and a wish list pack to take away. Your child can continue to experience the magic of Christmas by filling in the wish list at home and then mailing it to Santa’s HQ in the North Pole in the provided bespoke envelope.

Santa’s Grotto Tickets are £7 per child – siblings can go in at the same time for half price.

Should you require a specific time slot that hasn’t been released yet please email