As usual we are here to give you a few suggestions about what is going on in and around our lovely town of Newcaslte, and this particular one is definitely one of our favourites, which we are always happy to promote – maybe because we are Italians and we LOVE food.

Well, really it is not just because of that…

The Jesmond Food Market is truly a great initiative and we are  glad to see it is becoming more and more popular every month.
We want to spread the word, not only because the food stalls and the produce is delicious and the variety is immense – there is sweet, savoury, coffee, street food, etc…everything to please everyone and fulfill all the cravings you might have – but also because it is all LOCAL produce from LOCAL producers, a great bunch of innovative and talented people from the North East, coming together to give you the best our the region has to offer.img_3106

It’s a great event for all the family, a way to spend some time outside, enjoy a stroll down one of the most beautiful parks of the area, surrounded by a lovely aroma of different foods mixing together in the air

It starts at 10am, so you could come down in the morning, img_3105
get your hot cup of coffee and a fragrant pasty or a croissant – if you’re feeling sweet – and do your food shopping for the week picking the freshest vegetables, meats and cheeses from the various stalls. Or maybe, since it’s on a Saturday and you might have some
sleep to catch up on while you can, you could come a bit later in the day and have a great lunch

outdoors, choosing from a great variety of options – just to give you a few names the likes of Fat Hippo and Papa Ganoush are faithful habitual presences of the market. Yum.

Don’t be too lazy though, it ends at 3pm… and you don’t want to get there too late and find nothing! So, plan your Saturday ahead and make sure you come down, you won’t regret it. 🙂




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