Last night, lots of laughs, jokes, North East legends and music at LAFFS4KIDS comedy gig.

An incredible turn out and support from everyone who joined Jason Cook and friends at Newcastle City hall last night. Many showed up with loads of unwrapped gifts, during one of the warmest December evenings we’ve ever had!

The evening was bound to be fun from the start with the astonishing panel of comedians, the very best the North East has to offer.

affs4kids - Jason Cook JASON COOK, compare of the night, welcomed us with his unique style (and irreverent jokes) and explained the reason why were all gathered there last night. Apparently and sadly, there are 40.000 kids in the North East who will not get to open any presents on Christmas Day! So, the charity Cash4kids with the help of Jason, his comedian friends and Metro Radio have come up with a solution, i.e. the very event we are telling you about now.

The idea is really simple, put on a comedy show, get as many people as possible down, make them laugh and all they’re asking in return is for them to bring an unwrapped gift (or two or three or four..or ten! last night there was someone who brought TWENTY TWO!!). All the gifts will then be dispatched on Christmas Day and make some kids really happy – it’s as easy as that!


But let’s talk about what happened during the event.

The line up was simply great, from beginning to end, it was an escalation of laughs!affs4kids - Matt Reed

First up GAVIN WEBSTER and his funny stories about the North East, followed by MATT REED being his usual disgraceful self, and some wise religious words from a true man of God reverend PAUL DUNN. Up next LOST VOICE GUY, inspiring and hilarious at the same time, proof that nothing can stop you from becoming who you want to be, not even physical disabilities! We continued with ADAM ROWE, proudly representing the city of Liverpool, followed by JEFF BROWN, iconic TV personality here in the North East, and then LAUREN PATTINSON, doing justice to all the great female comedians out there!

And that’s not it, the list goes on people.laffs4kids - the mimic men Straight from Britain’s Got Talent (well, more or less) THE MIMIC MEN, aka Cal and Alfie, always hilarious with their signature impressions (some are so real that at some point it was almost as if Michael McIntyre was there with us!).
The night then took a musical spin when THE GEORDIE RAT PACK took the stage by storm and performed their edited (and irreverent) version of a couple of famous songs. Then we were brought back to a more Christmassy atmosphere with the legendary TIM HEALY reading for us the Geordie Christmas Story.

Closing the evening the Geordie Athem performed by members of the LINDISFARNE band. The whole audience stood up and sang along, in what was a truly moving moment.

Last year, at their first edition, LAFF4KIDS managed to reach incredible results – 5000 presents and lots of money raised for the charity as well. This year they have outdone themselves and have reached a staggering 5000 gifts collected!!


UPWARDS AND ONWARDS – we cannot wait for next year’s event already!


See below some images and videos of the night 🙂



**Lost Voice Guy


​** Mimic Men