Well well well… we promised you we would be back with the Supper club on Tour ..AND HERE WE ARE!!

On the 28th of February we held the very first appointment of the year 2016 at Antico, the a high-end Italian restaurant on Osborne Road in the leafy residential neighbourhood of Jesmond.
You know, us Italians, we are quite famous for our food culture, for us it is not just as a social convention to mark the hours of the day, it’s a whole sensorial and convivial experience! Food needs to be tasted, enjoyed till the plate is empty, and even when the meal is over, simply indulging a little longer at the table, allowing the whole feeling of satiety to sunk in, it is all part of the game. Our intention was to make you experience the concept of dining the way we like to do it, and we wanted to add that bit of unicity that normally isn’t found in restaurants.

With this in mind, the Head Chef at Antico came up with a quite traditional menu, with typical dishes which for us are a reminder of home and food the way “mamma” used to make it, and for you are an occasion to taste genuine Italian specialties.12801188_588125658035338_6047108680657139800_n

So, with no furhter ado…ledies and gentleman, here’s a summary of the first Supperclub ON TOUR of the season!

At 7.30 pm the first guests started to arrive and, after having taken place at their table, getting comfy ordering a drink, the rest slowly made their way to the restaurant. Once everyone was seated at their table, Faye Shearer, our special live act of the evening welcomed everyone with her lovely warm voice, giving a little introductory speech …and so it begun!!


Let’s indeed focus on the starter:12791020_588126131368624_3518647780224432856_n ARANCINI AI FUNGHI – the quintessential Sicilian street food… EVERYONE in Italy loves these saffron flavoured rice balls and would easily embark on a “quick” trip to Sicily just to try the real ones. Antico’s unique recipe includes mushrooms and their famous tomato sauce. Just YUM.

The main was a choice between a classic of the Italian food tradition, ZUPPA DI LENTICCHIE, otherwise here knows as Lentil Soup and TROFIE ALLE VONGOLE E ZUCCHINE, Trofie pasta (the typical pasta twirls of the north-west regions of Italy) served with a fresh clams and courgettes sauce.


“What’s special in a soup?” I hear you say.

Well, when it is homemade, the ingredients are top of the class and they are skillfully combined by the hands of our chef… the result can only be out of the ordinary! It was SO good, some of us even asked for seconds! – And I am not even exaggerating.

The second course, again a choice between two dishes, one meat, AGNELLO ALLA CONTADINA, lamb shank served on a bed of mashed potatoes, artichoke and sun blush tomatoes with a marsala jus – let’s hear it for the marsala jus people! – and one fish, SPIGOLA CON CROSTA DI ERBE, fresh seabass with a herb crust served with a tomato and onion salsa. Both choices received positive comments from our guests, and only empty plates came back to the kitchen…though I believe the lamb was slightly more popular. I can assure you, because I tried it, the meat was so tender that melted in your mouth…UH!12798982_588159031365334_1478907649896163016_n

By this point, while waiting for the desserts, the background chatter was lively and everyone looked cheerful and was singing along to Faye’s beautiful voice, joining her in the choruses of their favourite song, some of the most audacious ones even stood up for a little cheeky dance!

Finally the desserts arrived on the tables, PROFITEROLES AL LIMONE or lemon profiteroles – the citrous cream combined with the sweet crispiness of the pastry was a total winner, believe me.

What else can I say, if you were there you know what you experienced, if you weren’t….well… YOUR LOSS! Jokes aside, we do hope to have at least intrigued you with this little review of the evening, and enticed you to join us for one of the future Supper Club ON TOUR evenings!12066008_588159034698667_2384170187102593419_n

If you want to make sure you do not miss out next time, register your interest here and you will be the first to know about all of our future events.

And to all of you who took part to the first of many evenings in our company, thank you for coming and we hope to see you again!